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I like Dogs

I like sweets especially fizzy ones

I love weddings

I really enjoy boudoir sessions and empowering women

I love Photoshop

I hate it when my kids are tired

I dislike most people

I can juggle

I had a picnic in the Grand Canyon

I have zero tattoos

I got married in Lapland

My son is a black belt

I drink too much gin

I eat too much chocolate

I should exercise more

I have many ADHD traits

I overshare often

I'm quite sarcastic

All About Me

I have been capturing beautiful moments for my clients since 2019. My love for photography started in 2016, and since then, I have honed my skills, winning several awards and even being featured in Digital Camera Magazine for a Harry Potter shoot with my daughter during lockdown.


My photography services are versatile, and I offer a range of options to my clients, including children's photography, family portraits, weddings, boudoir, corporate headshots, pet photography, and creative fine art sessions. I have a home studio, but I also enjoy working outdoors in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

In addition to my passion for photography, I also have other interests, such as music, singing, travelling, cooking, and eating out. I have a wonderful family, with two children aged 12 and 17, and I got married in a unique and beautiful setting, an ice chapel in Finland.

As a creative photographer, I also enjoy using AI and Photoshop to create digital backgrounds for other photographers which I sell on Etsy.  I am dedicated to creating lasting memories for my clients, and I believe that photography is not just a job but a passion that you pour your heart and soul into and hopefully my images show this.


With every session, I strive to create beautiful and meaningful memories that my clients will cherish for years to come.

Overall, my clients can trust that with my talent, experience, and passion for photography, I will capture your special moments in a beautiful and meaningful way.


Photography has been an essential part of our lives for over a century. It is a powerful medium for capturing memories, emotions, and experiences. Having photos to keep is valuable because they allow us to relive these moments and keep them fresh in our minds for years to come.

Photography can capture the essence of a moment or an emotion that can be difficult to describe with words. It can convey the emotions and feelings that words might not be able to express. For example, a photo of a newborn baby's first smile or a couple's first dance at their wedding can capture a sense of joy and happiness that words alone cannot fully describe.

Photography also has the power to preserve memories and experiences for future generations. A family photo album can tell a story about a family's history, traditions, and values. It can show the progression of a family over time, from infancy to old age, and it can create a sense of connection between generations.

Photos can also be a way to celebrate life's milestones and achievements. Graduations, weddings, and anniversaries are all events that are worthy of celebration and remembrance. By capturing these moments in photographs, we can look back on them and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

In addition to preserving memories, photography can also be a form of art. A beautiful photograph can evoke a sense of wonder, awe, or inspiration. It can capture the beauty of nature, the complexity of the human condition, or the simplicity of everyday life.


Photography can be a way to express oneself creatively and communicate with others.

Overall, the value of photography and having photos to keep is immeasurable. It allows us to preserve memories, celebrate milestones, express ourselves creatively, and connect with others.


As a family photographer, you have the unique opportunity to create beautiful and lasting memories for your clients, and to help them preserve their most cherished moments for years to come.

Looking forward to working with you.



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