Storybook images created from the heart

This is how I started my photography journey.

I learnt Photoshop before I learnt how to use a camera.

This is where my passion lies.

Creating imaginative loved storybook images for children (and adults) makes my heart sing!  I absolutely love the possibilities available through the powers of Photoshop.

Here at my photography studio in Bristol, I can take photos on a plain grey backdrop or create a small basic scene and then take the image into Photoshop to create some truly stunning creative artwork.


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I have won many awards for my work in this genre.  It is called Compositing.

Photoshop composites are a way of really expressing who you are when you know the real possibilities are not there.  Such as riding on a Unicorn, becoming a mermaid, being a miniature fairy in a jar, riding the waves on a shark, climbing up a dinosaurs back.  All those things you "wish" you could do, but sadly cannot.

I can make it possible though with a creative storybook photo shoot in my studio.

Because each and every piece of artwork is different and created by me from scratch each pricing will be different depending on time and cost to make.

Some shoots will need a rental outfit which would need to be factored into the final pricing, some would require professional makeup or even special effects makeup so please consider this when booking.

These are not regular photo shoots, they are pieces of art.  My photo art takes hours to work on after you leave the studio.

If you have an idea and would love to discuss it please let me know.

As an alternative and less costly way to have some fun photo artwork, then I also run an Etsy shop where I can take a photo and then put you or your child into a pre exiting scene that I have already worked on.  These cost £85.

For more information please fill out the contact page on the home page.

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