Photographers – running tight on a deadline and need help culling or editing your images?


I provide a wide range of Outsource Photograph Editing Services such as culling, basic filter adjustments, cropping, removal of an object or person. Advanced  work includes face swaps or background changes and composite edits for those of you who don’t have the time or knowledge.

Advanced Lightroom and Photoshop Editing

My advanced  work includes


Face swaps

Background changes

Removal of objects or people

Skin Smoothing, brightening eyes and teeth


Cloning and cleaning up

Changing colours of clothing etc

How much will it cost me?


Starting from 25p per basic LR edit.  I’d be pleased to discuss your requirements – so I fully understand, let me know what you need.

Please get in touch with me for pricing


Composite edits - If you struggle with or don’t have the time or knowledge to get where your client wants to be, I can assist with this.

I’d be pleased to discuss your requirements. So I fully understand, let me know what you need in as much detail as possible and I will provide an accurate costing. If you would like references or reviews of my previous work please ask.

Imagination knows no bounds – children especially love these sessions as they magically turn into their favourite character.

See more of my composite work here

Fine Art Textures - Photographer Resources

My Fine Art Textures totally change your portraits to something stylish and unique.

Don't have a hand painted fine art backdrop in your studio?  No problem!

Just overlay my textures on top of your image, mask off the subject and create some stunning portraits which will set you aside.

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