School Photo time!

It's that time of the year again when school is nearly over for summer.

Most people tend to do back to school photos when school starts again in September, but what about school leaver photos?

This year I am offering leavers photos with friends and siblings in my Photo studio in Portishead nr Bristol.

I really love school photo shoots and raising some smiles for the camera.

This year is special for my children too. I have one who is leaving school in Year 11 and one who will be starting school in Year 7. I must remember to take photos of my own children's special milestone moment too!


I really love school photos on a dark textured backdrop. I think it really makes the children pop out - especially when they have coloured t-shirts or jumpers on.

I have a lot of props to use in the studio for my school photos. These are from

I have vintage stools, chalkboards, globes, old vintage books, magnifying glasses, chalk, apples, school milk bottles, abacus and stand and all kinds of fun things to get younger children engaged in their school photo session.

I love interactive photos rather than just standing there looking a bit bored!

I will be running my leavers photoshoots in July and my Back to school shoots in September. This allows everybody to have the correct uniform and be back in the swing of things. Have a look on my website for more details.

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